This is an episode starting in Peppa's dream.


Mummy Pig: Peppa, you have been a very well-behaved piggy this week!

Daddy Pig: And we're giving you the chance to drive the car!

Peppa: Really?

Mummy Pig: Yes indeed, Peppa!

Peppa: Wow! *jumps into car and drives to Pedro's house*

Peppa: Hey, Pedro! Hop on!

Pedro: Erm, Peppa, why do you do all these naughty things! You and I are both only 4. Neither of us can drive the car.

Mr. Pony: Peppa! WHO SAID YOU COULD DO THAT? *points at Peppa*

Peppa: Coach Pony! Calm down! Mummy and Daddy said I could! ASK THEM!

Mr. Pony: Okay. *walks to Peppa's house*

Peppa: Hop on, Pedro! *gets out of car, throws Pedro in there and starts the car*

Mr. Pony: Pedro! Darling Pedro! I'm sorry I let Peppa drive you away! *catches up with car* Peppa, I'm not teaching you anymore martial arts if you behave like this in future! (flashback to Enter the Peppa)

Peppa: Can't catch me! *drives off and stops outside Dog's Pizza* Danny, hop on!

Danny: Who iiiisssss iiiiitttt? Oh, Peppa. How did your car get here?

Peppa: My parents let me drive it here! Granny Dog, can you ask them?

Granny Dog: Okay, Peppa! I'll bet it'll be a no! *walks to Peppa's house*

Danny: *hops on*

Peppa: *drives to Suzy's secret club teepee*

Suzy: *gets onto car with Peppa*

Peppa: *drives off*

[the car drives across a road that's being washed and starts spinning]

Peppa: Woah! Woah! Woah!

Pedro: Peppa! I told you this was a bad idea!

Danny: Peppa! Look outttttt!

[the car drives through a park]

Kids at playground: Argh! Big broom-broom car coming!

[The car smashes the monkey bars]

Peppa: I'm sorry about that! My parents gave me the chance to drive the car!

[The car gets back on the road]

Peppa: How do I stop this thing?

[The car passes Peppa's house]

Mummy and Daddy Pig: What have we done?

[The car crashes into The Local Shops]

Peppa: Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Suzy: Here comes Emily! Uh-oh!

Emily: *goes into food shop* Excuse me sir, but where are the bananas? Bananas are my favourite fruit!

Suzy: I'm hungry! Luckily, we're near the food shop! *goes into food shop* Now where's that Fruti Candy? That's just what I feel like! *gets Fruti Candy and goes into bakery aisle* I feel like some cinnamon swirls as well and... Emily?

Peppa: *comes in*

Emily: How did that car crash into the shop? *glares at Peppa*

Peppa: I can't answer right now, I need the toilet! *hides in toilet* Phew!

Emily: *comes into toilet* You can't escape me like that, you know! I'm telling your parents!

Mummy and Daddy Pig: *come into food shop* Yes. We were foolish and let Peppa drive off like so!

Mummy Pig: *grabs Peppa* I'm so sorry! It's all my fault! I...

Peppa: *wakes up* Phew!