Daddy Pig: Night night Peppa.

Peppa: Night night Daddy.

(Peppa goes to sleep after Daddy exits the room)

In The Dream:

(Peppa is flying around some clouds)

(Peppa notices a house)

Peppa: Ooo, a house!

(Pedro walks out of the house)

Pedro: Hello Peppa.

Peppa: Hello Pedro.

Pedro: You wanna fly with me?

Peppa: Yes!

(Peppa and Pedro are flying when a dragon zaps Pedro)

Peppa: PEDRO!

(Pedro disappears into thin air.)

Dragon: (laughs)

Peppa: That's not funny!

Dragon: (grunts)

(The dragon knocks Peppa onto a hill, and she wakes up)

Peppa: (cries)

Mummy Pig: What's the crying about? It's 3 AM!

Peppa: Mummy! Mummy! I had a bad dream!

(Peppa explains the dream to Mummy)

Mummy Pig: Oh no... But Pedro's alright, and it's just a dream. Get some rest and think happy thoughts.

(Peppa yawns and falls asleep)

The End

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