Template:Banned EpisodeSet fire to your ears

Poke a stick at Freddy Fazbear

Eat medicine that's out of date

Make Phil and Lil eat your private parts

Dumb ways to Peppa

So many dumb ways to Peppa

Dumb ways to Pe-pp-pa

So many dumb ways to Peppa

Get your toast out with a dinglehopper

Do your own electrical work

Teach yourself how to fly

Eat broccoli that Elsa's made

Invite Jeff the Killer inside

Take your helmet off in outer space

Use a clothes dryer as a hiding place

Keep a goblin from the Island of Sodor as a pet

Sell your meat on the Internet

Eat a tube of superglue

I wonder what's this red button do?

Dress up like an endangered species and go the the real world

Disturb Emily Elephant while she's chilling out with her clique for no good reason

Stand on the edge of the Peppatown Train Station platform

Drive around the boomgates at a level crossing

The dumbest ways to Peppa

The dumbest ways to Peppa

The dumbest ways to Pe-pp-pa

So many dumb...

So many dumb ways to Peppa

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