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Dur Babby Piggy is an alternate, more cracktastic version of The Baby Piggy.

Differences from the original

  • Baby Alexander's name has been changed to Babby Areksander
    • Every time Areks is referred to, the character speaking his name will say it in a more derpish voice.
  • Chloé's name has been changed to Peppa XL 1.1 superphat edition, and she has a robotic voice.
  • Alexanders body has the texture of a chicken nugget. It is unknown why.
  • When Peppa's Friends come, they are flying on giant chicken nuggets.
  • Rather than crying, Alexander loudly says : "CHICKEN NUGGETZ!"
  • Mr. Dinosaur has been replaced with a burrito, yet George still says Dine-Saw
  • Uncle Pig speaks gibberish
  • Auntie Pig looks identical to Mummy Pig
  • George sits on top of the Baby Trolley.

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