Edmond Elephant tries to make Didier Donkey cry.


Narrator: Delphine Donkey and her family have arrived for another visit.

Peppa: Welcome back Delphine!

Delphine: Bonjour!

Peppa: I'm glad to hear that Didier hasn't cried once.

Didier: Hee haw!

Delphine: Hee haw!

(Edmond Elephant arrives)

Narrator: Oh dear. It's Edmond Elephant, and he's not happy.

Edmond: I'm going to make you cry Didier.

Didier: Hee haw!

(Didier runs away)

Narrator: Edmond is chasing Didier all around the house.

(Edmond falls over and begins to cry)

Didier: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Edmond: You're suck Didier!

(Edmond sticks up the middle finger at Didier but he ignores it, making Edmond cry even more)

Narrator: Oh dear. Try as he might, Edmond cannot make Didier cry.

(Didier falls over and hurts himself but he still doesn't cry)

Didier: Ow.

(Edmond's family arrive)

Narrator: It's Emily Elephant, Mummy Elephant and Dr Elephant.

Emily: Edmond, you ran away without our permission.

Mummy Elephant: You're grounded for a month!

(Edmond starts crying again)

Edmond: You may have won this time Didier, but I'll be back You!

Didier: Au revoir!

(Didier waves goodbye and giggles)

Delphine: There you are Didier!

Peppa: I guess you're unable to cry.

Narrator: And so, as we all know, nothing can make Didier Donkey cry.


  • This is the second time Delphine and her family visit Peppa's house, the first being in Pen Pal.
  • Didier has finally cried in Didier Cries.

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