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let's do thiiis

So, edmond's got his epic shades and he's ready to sneak in. he walks up to the entrance to the cave and...

Daddy pig: stop! show me your pass.

~Edmond's shades shine with coolness~

Daddy pig: hmm.... you're in, bro. go on in.

Edmond: sweet! ~runs in flailing his arms~ I'M IN THE CLUB I'M IN THE CLUB I'M IN THE CLU-- ~bumps into Simon squirrel~

Simon: hey!

Edmond: um..UM...UMMM.....

Simon: i haven't seen you in the cool dude cave before. are you new?

Edmond: yep! ^.^

Simon: well, as the founder of the cool dudes, i'll give you a proper initiation!

All: (echoing Simon) INITIATION!

Edmond: alright. how-- how do we do this?

Freddy fox: coolness test!

All: (echoing Freddy) COOLNESS TEST!

Simon: hey! you guys only echo ME!

All: sorry.

Freddy: who told you about this club?

Edmond: Peppa P. Pig!

Freddy: peppa? yea. she's awesome. NEXT! how did you find us?

Edmond: me sister threw m-- i mean, i rode here on a motercycle?

all: ~talks about how cool motercycles are~

Freddy: silence! have passed.

all: (echoing Freddy) YOU HAVE PASSED!


Danny dog: ~picks up Edmond~ come on, little dude. i got Grand Theft Bicycle 5.

Edmond: that doesn't come out till next month!

Danny: that's what makes it cool B)

Edmond: mind if i give it a whirl?

Danny: ~gives him the controller~ go for it, dude.

an hour later, he stole 6000 bikes.

Edmond: OOOOOH! beat that!

Danny: shut up XD ~pushes edmond off the couch~

~edmond's shades fall off~

everyone: WWWWHAT!?

Freddy: you're that nerd with the underground lab!

Edmond: um..NO I'M NOT ~puts shades back on~

Frank fox: you can't fool us, bro.

Simon: Edmond elephant. as of Rule 17, i hearby banis--

Kyle kangaroo: wait!

Simon: what is the meaning of this?

Kyle: even though Rule 17 says you must banish all nerds, rule 11 says if you steal more than 3000 bikes in Grand theft bicycle, they can't be banished. no matter how nerdy the person.

All: ooooooh.

Simon: fine. as of rule 11, you can stay in. But you're the new Pedro.

Edmond: aw man :(

Simon: PARTYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! hey new pedro! go get us more chips at the store! ~throws his car keys at edmond~

Edmond: aww ~walks away~

All: WOOOOO!!!! ~dances on the ceiling with tons of strobe lights~



  • Peppa is one of the only girls in TCD
  • in Urrplane, it was revealed that Edmond has an underground lab

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