Edna Elephant is a new member of Emily's Clique. In the episodes where she appears, she says 'So do I' after Lisa says 'I agree' and before Brianna says 'Even more'.

She had her first distinct in the episode Edna Elephant, where she was seen as a new member of Emily's clique and Peppa was horrified to know Emily had a new friend.Her final appearance is Mr. Potato's Christmas Show

After playgroup, Suzy, Danny and Pedro turned up at Peppa's treehouse for their daily meeting and heard about Edna joining Emily's clique. Emily's limo is passing by and onboard Emily, Lisa and Brianna accused Edna for jumping in a mud puddle. Emily then told her servant Muhammad to stop the limousine so that Edna could get out and join Peppa's gang. Edna got out and joined Peppa's gang like she was supposed to. Then, Peppa asked Edna why she joined Emily's clique and Edna says it was because she's an elephant like Emily but Peppa and Suzy explained that just because you're the same species, it does not mean that you'll get along well and that what matters is that if the person in respectful or disrespectful. Then, Edna went into the treehouse and said that it's Peppa and her gang that she would be best friends with forever.