Emily: Oh, Peppa, you're so low class, babyish and dumb and you'll never be as good and fancy as me!

Lisa: I agree.

Edna: So do I.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: Erm, is it just me, or does Emily have a new walky-talky girl?

Emily: Yes. I do have another best friend, her name's Edna and she's an elephant like me. But YOU'LL never even be my worst friend!

Peppa: Awwr.

Madame Gazelle: Time to leave playgroup! *rings bell*

[The parents arrive and Peppa, George and Mummy Pig drive home]

Peppa: *gets out of the car and goes into her treehouse*

[Her gang arrive]

Peppa: Ah, good. I have some bad news. You know Emily Elephant's walky-talky girls Lisa Fox and Brianna Bear?

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: Yes.

Peppa: Well, Emily's gotten a new walky-talky girl today — Edna Elephant.

Danny: Well, lucky for her! She deserves a new BFF!

Peppa: Oh, Danny. You and your crush on Emily. Anyway, it means more rudeness and snobbery that Emily's got a new walky-talky girl! After Lisa says 'I agree' before Brianna says 'Even more', we have Edna saying 'So do I'.

Suzy: That just makes it more annoying!

Pedro: And more germy. Yuck!

Peppa: *sees Emily's limo passing by*

Meanwhile, on the limo....

Emily: You promised if you joined our clique, you wouldn't do anything Peppa-ish like puddle jumping! That's a huge broken promise!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Emily: Muhammad, stop the limo so that Ewwy Edna can get off.

Muhammad: *stops the limosuine*

Edna: *gets out* Hi, Peppa. Emily told me to join you guys because I jumped up and down in a muddy puddle.

Peppa: We love jumping up and down in muddy puddles! We'd love you to join us! Why did you join Emily's clique, anyway?

Edna: Emily was the only other elephant of my age at the playgroup.

Suzy: Just because you're the same species, it doesn't mean to say that you'll get along well. What matters is if the person's nice or mean.

Peppa: Yes. Sometimes I fight with my little brother George.

Edna: I see. Can I join your gang yet?

Peppa: Of course!

Edna: *goes into the treehouse* I think it's you who I'll be friends with forever.

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