Eirza (pronounced ear-za) is a human from the Peppa Pig series who has no last name. She is the first person to escape from Sodor, but was later re-banished to the island until she was sent back to Peppaland and got chained to a fire hydrant naked with a stock on her head. Eirza is the most tortured character in the show.


Eirza has very fair skin. Her eyes are blue. Her hair is blonde and it is worn in a curly bob. She wears a sand orange dress with pink fishnets when she was free. When Eirza was banished to Sodor, she wears a bronze bikini with a pink sarong until she was imprisoned. When Eirza escaped, she wore a black dress with a purple outlining. While in jail, she was naked until she made herself a loincloth out of a blanket and a gag.

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