Emily's Holiday is the seventeenth episode of Peppa Pig's eighth season. It is the three hundred seventheenth overall.


Madame Gazelle: Class, as you may have noticed, Emily Elephant is not here today.

Peppa: Oh, we've noticed alright.

Suzy, Danny, Pedro and Wally: Yeah!

Madame Gazelle: She's on a holiday in Africa.

Lisa: I hope she's having fun.

Brianna: Do you think she'll need us?

Lisa: All we need to do, Brianna, is bully Peppa and her gang by ourselves.

Peppa: Oh, man!

Brianna: You think we can handle it?

Lisa: Of course! Just look at those slobs!

Wally: Look like we still get Lisa and Brianna.

Lisa: Hang on a minute, maybe Wally could be the new Emily!

Brianna: Good idea, Lisa.

Lisa: Alright, Wally, you're coming with us.


Lisa: *drags him to the clique's meeting spot* Alright, Wally, whenever you see Peppa, insult her, okay?

Wally: Okay. *leaves*

Brianna: Very good.

[She and Lisa follow him]

Peppa: Wally, are we still friends?

Wally: *runs to the kitchen*

Peppa: Wally?

Wally: *comes back with a salt shaker and sprinkles it on Peppa*

Peppa: What are you doing, Wally?

Wally: Lisa tell me to put you in salt.

Lisa: *sighs*

[They go back to the meeting spot]

Lisa: We mean be mean to her.


Brianna: What if we payed you, then?

Wally: Well...


Wally: Hey, Peppa, you so stupid.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: Wally!

Suzy: How could you?

Lisa: Good boy, Wally.

Peppa: GRRRRR!

[They go back to the meeting spot]

Lisa: Now, Wally, I want you to spend this money at my dad's shop.

Wally: Me will!

Madame Gazelle: LUNCH TIME! *walks past with a tray of hot dogs and juice*

[The kids go to lunch]

Wally: Me got mustard. You not.

Peppa: Wally!

Brianna: Very good.

Peppa: Please, Wally, I let you into my gang and this is how you treat me?

Wally: Me not in gang anymore.

[Everyone goes outside]

Peppa: Why are you being so mean to us, Wally?

Wally: Lisa and Brianna pay me.

Suzy: Really?

Pedro: My mum told me that friends are worth more than anything money can buy.

[Lisa and Brianna come out]

Lisa: What's all this?

Wally: Lisa, Brianna, here your money back. *gives them back their money*

Lisa: No, you earned it.

Brianna: After all that bullying Peppa.

Wally: Bully Peppa no earn me anything but mean, so me join gang again.

[They all fall down and laugh]