Peppa & Mummy Pig on the tram


Granny Pig: Isn't that just a lovely manor house over there? Wouldn't you just love to live there?

Peppa: Not if we had to be roommates with Emily Elephant. She's the bully at my playgroup and is so snobby. She uses her faux-African nationality to be a brownnoser. She likes to tell on me and my gang.

Granny Pig: Oh, she sounds like a terrible girl!

[Scene shifts to Emily, Lisa and Brianna floating in rubber rings in the manor's pool]

Emily: This is such a good way to relax on such a siku ya moto. That's Swahili for 'hot day'.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Emily: *gets out of rubber ring* Oh, Peppa. Does your grandma know how low class you are?

[Lisa and Brianna laugh hard]

Granny Pig: My darling granddaughter Peppa is NOT low class! Go and mind your own business!

Emily: But she jumps in mud puddles!

Lisa: That IS low class.

Brianna: If you do that and have friends, they're probably just low class too.

Granny Pig: That's what we all do in the Pig family. It's a tradition. Come on, Peppa, let's get away from these rude girls.

[She and Peppa go back to her and Grandpa Pig's house]

Mummy Pig: *arrives* I'm here! How was your walk to the local shops with Granny Pig?

Peppa: Fantastic until we came to Emily's manor on the way back.

Mummy Pig: You came to Emily's Manor?

Peppa: I'm afraid so.

Mummy Pig: What route did you take back?

Peppa: The only footpath there is.

Mummy Pig: Well, why didn't you take the bus or the tram or something?

Peppa: I didn't think of that.

Mummy Pig: Well, you'll be able to see what the tram's like. We're taking it home!

Peppa: Oh, goody!

[Peppa and Mummy Pig get on the tram and it starts]

Tram driver: THE ELEPHANT FAMILY'S MANOR! *stops tram outside Emily's manor*

[Emily, Mummy Elephant, Lisa and Brianna get on and the tram starts]

Tram driver: LOCAL SHOPS! *stops tram outside local shops*

[All the passengers except for Peppa, Emily, Lisa, Brianna, Mummy Pig and Mummy Elephant get off and the tram starts moving]

Tram driver: THEATRE! *stops tram outside theatre*

[Emily, Mummy Elephant, Lisa and Brianna get off]

Emily: The bongo russe is going to be kubwa! That's Swahili for 'great'.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

[The tram leaves]

Peppa: Phew, OK glad Emily left. Her manor is impossible to defeat 'cause it's got everything. Even its own nearby tram stop.

Tram driver: THE OUTSKIRTS OF PEPPATOWN! *stops tram outside Peppa's house*

[Peppa and Mummy Pig get off]

Peppa: Just in time for The Mr. Potato Show! *goes to TV room and turns on TV*

The next day.....

Peppa: *wakes up and yawns*

Mummy Pig: (from kitchen) Come and get your Corn Flakes, Peppa and George!

Peppa: Okay, Mum!

George: *snorts*

[They go down the stairs to the kitchen and eat their Corn Flakes]

Mummy Pig: Time for playgroup!

Peppa: Okay!

George: *snorts*

[They get into the car]

Mummy Pig: *drives Peppa and George to playgroup*

Madame Gazelle: Good morning, everyone! Today, we will all be drawing pictures of our houses.

[The kids draw pictures of their houses]

Madame Gazelle: Excellent, everyone! Now, tell us about your houses as you show the class your drawings. You first, Peppa.

Peppa: So, well, my little house has two storeys, a triangular roof and an antenna.

Madame Gazelle: Now you, Pedro.

Pedro: My house has two storeys, an attic and a chimney.

Madame Gazelle: Now you, Emily.

Emily: Mine isn't even a house. It's a manor. It has a dinner hall, a luxury bedroom, a lounge, a breakfast room, a gate with flamingo statues, a pool, a flower garden, a laboratory for my little brother Edmond, a fake African jungle and statues of African animals.

Peppa: That just proves how snobbish she is, ay gang?

Suzy: Yeah!

Danny: Yeah!

Pedro: Yeah!

Madame Gazelle: We all like our own houses the best because they're our own home!

Emily: But Madame Gazelle, I don't have a house. I have a manor.

Madame Gazelle: Yes, but don't act superior over the other kids for it.

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