Emily: Hi! My name is Emily Elephant, daughter of Mummy and Daddy Elephant and older sister of Edmond.

Peppa: Good afternoon, Emily.

Emily: Good afternoon, Peppa. Who invited Darth Vader six days ago?

Peppa: Um... It was my cousin Chloe.

Emily: Your cousin Chloe?!

Peppa: Yes, Emily. (giggles)

Emily: And who invited Darth Vader eight hours ago?

Peppa: It was me, Emily. (sighs)

Emily: Well, it wasn't very... (in a very deep voice like the slowest person in the universe) NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!

Peppa: What did you say, Emily!?!


Peppa: Whoa!! That's one cool voice you yelled, Emily! (giggles)

Emily: Yes, Peppa!

Peppa: Hee-hee! Don't forget about Star Wars!

Emily: What?! STAR WARS!!???? (falls backward into a faint) Ohhhhhhh...

(at night...)

Mummy Elephant: Good night, Emily. Have sweet dreams. (kisses Mummy Elephant goodnight)

Emily: Good night, mummy. (giggles, then yawns six times) Mmmm... Luke Sky... (yawns extremely loud) Walker... (yawns 11 times) Lashed out his lightsa... Ab-aber... (snores lightly)

(in Emily's dream...)

Emily: Whoa! What was that!?! (hears Chewbacca roaring) Is that furry brown alien growling at me?!?? Uh-oh...

Yoda: Hi, Emily. I'm Master Yoda. I'm 774 years old. Wanna be my special friend today?

Emily: No!

Yoda: If you don't wake up, you'll find out.

Emily: No thanks, Yoda! Everything's going back to normal! (giggles, then tiptoes away)

(at Mos Eisley Cantina...)

Bith Band: (playing Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star)

Emily: Hello, Bith band! Han Solo moved to college nine months ago.

Bith Band Member #1: Ooh, college!

Bith Band Member #2: That sounds like fun! (blows raspberry at Emily)

Emily: Ugh, that's disgusting! I DON'T WANNA PLAY THAT!!! CAN SOMEONE-

(cut to Greedo playing Crazy Eights with Ponda Baba)

Greedo: Going somewhere, Mr. Baba?

Ponda Baba: Yes, Mr. Greedo. (chuckles)

Emily: Look! More aliens! (giggles) Don't sound like a slob! Time is almost up!

Greedo: Who wants some nice TV?! (turns on the TV)

Han Solo: (on TV) Han Solo. I'm captain of the Sawyer Falcon.

Director: Cut! It's Millennium Falcon, not Sawyer Falcon!

Han Solo: I said it was Sawyer-

Emily: (breaks the TV apart) So... Han Solo was not here at all. Ponda Baba and Greedo, go away now!

Ponda Baba: Okay! (runs away)

Greedo: Don't kill me! (clucks like a chicken, then tiptoes away)

Emily: Whew! Glad that's all over!

Mummy Elephant: (echoing offscreen) EMILY!!!


(Emily wakes up next to Darth Vader)

Emily: (gasps) Oh! It's... DARTH VADER???

Darth Vader: Yes, I am! Now it's time for cake and ice cream! (vanishes in a puff of smoke)

Emily: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Emily's bedroom swirls into a gigantic whirlwind)

Emily: Whooooaaaa!! (bumps into Edmond) Oh... Hi, Edmond. You're my younger brother.

Edmond: I am?!! (his eyes fall out) No... I'm not a liar! I'm just a big clever cloggs!!! OH, NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! (blows up)

Emily: Gah! Edmond!! (wails like a toddler)

Peppa: Emily? What are you crying about?!?! Edmond isn't a big clever cloggs. He's just a baby elephant. He isn't so bad after all...

Emily: HE'S MY BROTHER!!!!

Peppa: Good grief... (sighs)

(five days later...)

Emily: (playing with her toy airplane) WHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THAT AIRPLANE FLYYYYYYYY-

(Emily's toy airplane hits Luke Skywalker)

Emily: Oops!

Luke Skywalker: Grrrr... EMILY ELEPHANT!!! HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!?!??


(Emily wakes up again)


Mummy Elephant: What's wrong, Emily!?!?!!

Emily: I have a frightmare!!!

Daddy Elephant: How about my daughter dreams about good dreams? It would be all right.


(the planet Earth shatters like glass)

Emily: Huh?! What the heck are we?!!!



This is the ninth time Emily cries.

This is the second time Edmond blows up. The first time was being in Edmond Acts in a Thanksgiving Parade.

This is the 60th time George is absent.

This is the only appearance of the characters from Star Wars.

This is the only time the planet Earth shatters like glass.

Air Date

December 31, 2012 (UK)

January 7, 2013 (USA)

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