Ernie's World is a TV series, the episodes take place in Peppatown, but with the same residents and Playgroup students.


The series follows Ernie Bear, a dimwitted 12 year-old anthromorphic bear and his brother Eddie Bear, a 13 years-old bear and their everyday adventures and epic quests, along with his often sidekick Daniel Bear, a pessimistic 11 year-old friend of Ernie. they are Playgroup students, they also goof off at some times. some of their adventures are epic, some of them are silly.


Main Characters

  • Ernie Bear - A dimwitted 12-year old bear. he wears a blue shirt, he is best friends with Eddie Bear.
  • Eddie Bear - The best friend of Ernie Bear, he is 13-years old and wears a green shirt.
  • Daniel Bear - The pessimistic friend of Ernie Bear, he is 11 years-old and wears a red shirt.

Supporting Characters

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