George learns to FUS RO DAH and goes crazy.


George: I like this show. But this ad is stupid and horribly long.

Peppa: George! That's not an ad, it's the Angela Anaconda show!

George: AHH! (turns off tv) Where is the Mr. Potato show?

Peppa: It's over silly piggy!

Emily: AHHHHHHHHH!!!! (busts through wall)

Peppa: Emily?! What was that about?!

Emily: Some guy keeps asking for George Pig so I brought him here. (to self) That brat's gonna die.

Wizard: George, I will teach you how to do a spell called "fus ro dah".

George: HOORAY! (walks upstairs with wizard)

Emily: Hope he explodes.

Peppa: (in deep creepy voice) WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?! (tackles Emily)


Wizard: Why is the Elephant on the floor?

Peppa: (normal voice) She wished George would explode.

Wizard: I will fus ro dah her far away, to her home I guess. FUS RO DAH!!!

Emily: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (lands in her pool)

Wizard: Bye! (vanishes)

George: FUS RO DAH!!!

The house explodes.

George: I'm gonna like this! (runs off)

Peppa: How could he do this?!

Daddy Pig: How could who do what?

Peppa: George is gonna fus ro dah the town!


George: FUS RO DAH!!!

Bank explodes.


The town hall, the airport, and the Elephant manor explode.

Emily: Our home!

George: FUS RO DAH!!!

The playgroup explodes.

Children: YAY! NO SCHOOL!

Peppa: NO! He's gone insane!

George: FUS RO DAH!

Potato City explodes.

Rebecca: Are we just gonna stand here and let this lunatic destroy Peppatown?!

Town: NO!

Rebecca: GET HIM!

Town: Get him! Get him! Get him! Get him!

Peppa: They're gonna kill George!

Daddy Pig: We need to stop them!

Mummy Pig: Yes!

George: Thanks for the help, but I got this.

Zoe: (punches George, knocking him out)


George: (wakes up on street)

George: What happened?

Peppa: The mob knocked you out cold. The police came and said you can't fus ro dah for a month, and after that, no destroying buildings.

George: I can't fus ro dah anymore?

Peppa: Nope.

George: [singing in an adult male voice] How could this happen to me?! I made my mistakes! Got nowhere to run! The night goes on as I'm fading away! I'm sick of this life! I just wanna screeeaaam, how could this happen to me?!

Peppa: Later George!

George: Wait for me! We can pretend fus ro dah!

Later, at the house, George is playing PRETEND Fus Ro dah

George: Fus ro dah! (knocks over blocks) Hee hee!

The End