[Jemma, Edward, and the twins are on the couch watching some educational television with their aunt.]

Jemma: I'm bored.

Aunt Sally:Your father is doing some research for his amusement park archive and some of his company. Your mother, Emily is going out somewhere.

Edward: I hope daddy will be back soon. We have the best father-son relationship.

[The twins start crying]

Aunt Sally: Oops! Need to change them.

[Aunt Sally changes the twin's diapers offscreen]

Aunt Sally: Now what to do?

[James comes back from work]

Edward: Daddy!

James: Edward, I have something to give you. It has been in my family for generatioms. 

Edward: What is it?

James: The thing that controlled the rides during the very first Midthbourgh Fair.

Edward: Cool.

James: Jemma, here is a vintage Potato City limited edition Tea Time With Mister Potato play set that my sister had as a kid.

Aunt Sally: The babies are asleep.

James: Here is a care package, sister.

Aunt Sally: Thank you. 

James: For the twins, they both get little tube floats. 

[Emily comes back from shopping]

Emily: Kids, it's getting late.

[The kids go into their beds]

James and Emily: Goodnight our little angels.

Edward and Jemma: Goodniight.

Aunt Sally: Glad me and my boyfriend are staying.

[The next day...]

James: Wake up.

Edward: But It's 5 in the morning.

Jemma: What is it?

James: We have a surprise?

Jemma: What is it?

James: You'll see.

Edward: Where is my present that I got yesterday?

James: I have it.

Edward: Oh.

[James, Emily, Aunt Sally, and Jack are seen on the couch]

Edward: What is this?

James: I don't know? Let's see.

Jemma: Can we see mummy?

Emily: Yes.

Jemma: *opens gift* Oh. What is this stuff?

Edward: *opens gift* My heirloom and some other Mickey Mouse stuff.

James: Solve this riddle, "we are going to a magical place where a mouse and a princess meet at a castle in this kingdom. Travel in a never ending world's fair.

Both: Walt Disney World!

James: Yes.

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