Father pork (birth name Malus porci) is the dad of Pippa and Girge pork and the Pippaverse counterpart of Daddy Pig.


Father pork is a light pink pig. Unlike Daddy Pig, Father doesn't wear glasses or have a beard. He wears an entirely blue shirt with no outlines and a variation the Google Translate logo on the side. His most notable feature is the amount of space between his eyes. Despite exercising every day, his tummy is quite big.


Father pork is a very active pork. He's not in a lot of Pippa pork episodes because he's out doing stuff. He enjoys exercise, the outdoors, and hopes to one day sail away somewhere. His backstory was revealed in Father pork's Story, however, no one in the pippaverse knows about it


  • According to Jraffic Tam, Father pork is as bad with directions and map reading as Daddy Pig, even though nearly everything in Pippaverse is different than the Peppaverse.
  • Despite his height, he is 800 years old, as revealed in Run Fun.
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