Fest Briend is an episode of Pippa pork. It is the 9th episode of Season 1 along with being the 9th episode of the series.


Muma lamb decides that Susan lamb needs more friends, so she goes to the neighbors house.


Narrator: It is a very sunny day in Pippaville without a cloud in the sky. Although..

~knocking on a door~

Muma lamb: Susan. You haven't been out of your room for a few days.

Susan lamb: I don't need to be out of my room. i have everything i need.

Muma lamb: But we just moved here! You don't even have a bed

Susan: Everything. i. need.

Muma lamb: ~concerned noise and walk away~


Muma lamb: I know! she seems so off from the world ever since we moved.

Muma sheep: Moving can be a big deal for a child. They don't really get to connect with their friends anymore.

Muma lamb: You're right. What i need to do i find her some new friends.

Muma sheep: Perfect idea.

Narrator: So muma lamb went down to her new neighbors house.

Muma lamb: [Rings doorbell]

Muma pork: ~answers~ e

Muma lamb: Hi! I'm your new neighbor. My daughter could use some new friends. do you have any children she could be friends with?

Muma pork: Does your "daughter" know how to make cheese?

Muma lamb: ye

Muma pork: ok. ~screaming into the house~ PIPPA GET OUT

Pippa pork: ~runs out~ Hello!

Muma pork: Go to the new neighbors house

Pippa: k

at the lamb house

Pippa: [knocks on susan's door]

Susan: gert out.

Pippa: no. ~busts down door~

Susan: ~screaming~

Pippa: stop it! I'm here to be your--


Pippa: Shut up alerdy.

Susan: ~ Screams until heart comes out ~

Pippa: Alright. you know what? that was a cheap move of me. i'm sorry. i'll fix your door

Susan: Ok

Lapa mamb: honey i'm ho- 

Pippa: DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! *stabs Lapa mamb*

Susan: oh my god! you killed my daddy!!! ~cries~

Muma lamb: Susan what is i- YOU BAST...sorry I ment to say...YOU MONSTER!!!

Pippa: ~Evil Laugh~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *stabs Muma Lamb*


Pippa: *removes mask*


HeroPippa: *pulls out blaster* Hasta la vista!

A scream is heard from Susan's household.

HeroPippa: Now everyone else.

Everybody died!



  • Pippa was missing her glasses in Miggy in the Piddle, but they're back now
  • Pippa and Susan are happily playing in the photo, but this never happens
This episode has been banned due to lots of violence.