[While Mummy Pig is taking Peppa home from playgroup, she and her daughter come across the pet shop]

Peppa: Hey, mum! Look at that dog! Can we keep him? Please? Please?

Mummy Pig: Oh, all right. *goes into the pet shop* Sir, we want that dog in the window.

Cashier: All right. That'll be 10 dollars.

Mummy Pig: *gives the cashier 10 dollars*

Cashier: Now, he's yours. *gives Mummy Pig the dog in a box with shredded paper in it*

Mummy Pig: Hmm. I'll call him Fido.

Peppa: Yes! That's a great name!

At home....

Mummy Pig: Percy, George, Tobias, this is Fido. I just bought him at the pet shop.

Tobias: I'm gonna teach Fido how to skateboard. *takes Fido outside and puts him on the skateboard*

Fido: *pushes off the ground*

[The skateboard goes downhill]

Fido: Woof WOOF!!!

Tobias: Awesome, Fido!

[The skateboard reaches the foot of the hill and stops]

Fido: *goes inside*

George: Dine-saw! Rrrrr!

Fido: *chews on Mr. Dinosaur*

George: *cries*

Mummy Pig: Fido, bad dog! Spit Mr. Dinosaur out!

[Suzy, Danny and Pedro arrive]

Peppa: Gang, this is Fido — my new dog!

Danny: A dog! Just like me!

Peppa: Yes, Danny. Just like you.

Pedro: Why does Fido look so sad?

Mummy Pig: Well, I did call him a bad dog for chewing on Mr. Dinosaur! Maybe that upset him!

Fido: Woof, woof.

Mummy Pig: I'll take that as a yes. Sorry, Fido! I didn't mean to upset you! It was just because George loves Mr. Dinosaur, the toy dinosaur you chewed on!

Pedro: I think Fido needs a chew toy.

Suzy: And I think all Mr. Dinosaur needs is to be washed! There appears to be nothing wrong with him!

Mummy Pig: Good idea, Suzy! *goes to the bathroom, fills up the basin, washes Mr. Dinosaur and takes him out* Well, Mr. Dinosaur is now clean!

George: *gets Mr. Dinosaur out of Mummy Pig's hands* Dine-saw! Rrrrr!

Mummy Pig: And now, I'll get Fido a chew toy! *goes back to the local shops, buys a chew toy for Fido and later comes home* Fido, here's your very own chew toy!

Pedro: And I recommended it for you!

Fido: *chews on the chew toy*

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