What is she!?

Not to be confused with Fiona Fox

Fiona fish is one of Peppa's friends, even Brianna and suzie and all their playgroup friends were also friends. She goes to playgroup. She has blue skin and wears a yellow skirt. Fiona is Peppa's neighbour, she is the very best friend of peppa. She made her debut on "Fiona fish" She likes anime and pokemon, she can swim propely, she is also a master at sport. She had a brother name Finn Fish, and a baby sister named Frita Fish. She is 5 years old

Fiona Fish


  • She had arms instead of fins
  • She actually made her debut on Potato Fries, potato fries, which means she is winning the game but she lost.
  • She used to live in the sea.
  • She is good at sport, but she dosent like sport.
  • Goldie is also her cousin!

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