The students evacuating


Peppa: *wakes up* Ah, what a lovely day it's going to be!

Mummy Pig: (from kitchen) Come and get your Corn Flakes, Peppa and George!

Peppa: Okay!

George: *snorts*

[they go to the kitchen]

Peppa: Those Corn Flakes look very yummy! Thanks, Mummy Pig!

Mummy Pig: You're welcome, Peppa. Now, eat your Corn Flakes before they get soggy!

Peppa: Okay!

[she and George start eating their Corn Flakes]

Peppa: They're really crisp!

[they finish eating Corn Flakes]

Peppa: Oh, it's time for The Mr. Potato Show! *goes to lounge room and turns on TV* Ha ha ha! This is a funny episode!

[The credits of The Mr. Potato Show come on]

Peppa: Better turn it off! I know what comes on after The Mr. Potato Show — Angela Anaconda! *turns off TV*

Mummy Pig: Time for playgroup, kids!

Peppa: Okay!

George: *snorts*

[Peppa, George and Mummy Pig get into Skids and start him up]

Peppa: Hey. I smell smoke. It's coming from the playgroup!

Mummy Pig: As a firefighter, I know it wouldn't be anything serious. *drops Peppa off at playgroup and leaves* Bye, Peppa! Bye, George!

Peppa: Bye, Mum!

George: Bye-bye!

[Peppa and George go into playgroup]

Peppa: Gang, we've got to stop Emily from winning that music contest we're in.

Pedro: It would be rude to, like, change the lyrics because that'd be cheating!

Suzy: I know what we could do! We could somehow learn the lyrics of Emily's, possibly African style, song and make a better song!

Peppa: Suzy, that's an awesome idea! Listen, she's singing it to Lisa and Brianna. Pedro, I need your notebook to write it down! *takes Pedro's notebook and writes the lyrics of Emily's song* Grrr! It's all gibberish! Wait, it's probably just all in Swahili.

[the fire from earlier increases, the fire alarm is heard and Peppa's class evacuate]

Madame Gazelle: Right. Brianna?

Brianna: Here.

Madame Gazelle: Candy?

Candy: Here.

Madame Gazelle: Danny?

Danny: Here.

Madame Gazelle: Freddy?

Freddy: Here.

Madame Gazelle: Lisa?

Lisa: Here.

Madame Gazelle: Emily?

Emily: Here.

Madame Gazelle: George?

George: *snorts*

Madame Gazelle: Peppa?

Peppa: Here.

Madame Gazelle: Rebecca?

Rebecca: Here.

Madame Gazelle: Richard?

Richard: Squeak! Squeak!

Madame Gazelle: Wendy?

Wendy: Here!

Madame Gazelle: Zoe?

Zoe: Here!

Madame Gazelle: Okay!

[the class evacuate to an unknown location]

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