Peppa at Fazbear's

Five Nights at Peppa's Main Movie poster


Peppa gets a job at a pizzeria with singing robot animals that "get a little bit quirky at night".


  • Peppa Pig
  • Suzy Sheep
  • Mike Schmidt
  • Scotty (Scott Cawthon, is human)
  • The animatronics from all of the "Five Nights at Freddy's" games
  • And others


[Peppa and Suzy walk up to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza]

Peppa: Ah, I know this place for its horror game.

Suzy: I hear there is a job opening for junior night watch guards.

Peppa: Let's get the job.

Suzy: But what about the game? It might be true. What if they do go on free roam at night?

Peppa: That's just a bunch of nonsense. Now let's go and try out for the job. If we get it, we will rent a party room.

Suzy: And if not?

Peppa: We just have pizza without a party to cheer us up. There is no way I'm renting a party room for nothing.

Suzy: Okay, but please be good so we can have a party.

[Later in the boss' office...]

Boss: So you want the job, eh?

Peppa and Suzy: Oh yes sir!

Boss: Okay, you can have the job.

Peppa: Hooray!

Suzy: Let's have a party! I will go rent party room 4 and Peppa, you go get the animatronics for the party.

Peppa: Okay!


Bonnie: Have a great party!

Freddy: [singing] Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria!

[Some of Emily's gang and Simon bursts through the door]

Emily: Everyone here is a BIG baby!

Peppa: What!?

Chica: If you're not nice were going to have to tell your parents.


Scotty: I will have to kick you out little boy.

Brianna: How about I do the kicking! (kicks Scotty)

[2 hours later, it's night time]

Scotty: Oh snap.

Peppa: What is it?

Scotty: RUN!

[Peppa sees the animatronics go on free roam mode and chase them]

Scotty: Into the office.

They all get in the office and shut the doors.

Suzy: What was that.

Scotty: Well, at night, the animatronics go on free roam mode. Since they have an error that makes them see you as an endoskeleton without a costume, which is against the rules, they will stuff you into a suit. It wouldn't be so bad if there weren't so many sharp edges. Since there are so many dangerous things in the suits, it will kill you.

Suzy: [screams]

Scotty: I know creepy right?

Simon: It's it's it's it's... Foxy.

Foxy: [while banging on window] Arrr! Get in your skins or ye be walking the plank!

Phone guy: [on phone always] Hello? Hello hello? Look at this screen. I will watch you through the same cameras you have. Oh, I see Foxy is there. Just flash a light at him and he'll leave.

Simon: [flashes light at Foxy]

Foxy: Nyaaaaah! [runs off]

Brianna: Let's check the cameras. [checks cameras] There's the stage, there's Pirate Cove, Foxy went back behind the curtain, there's some guy, wait, that guy is gonna get stuffed!

Simon: Lemme see.

Guy: Please don't! [gets stuffed] Yeah, like I'm one of you guys! (rips suit off and runs down hall)

Scotty: Why is he here?

Peppa: Is he the night guard?

Scotty: I think so. I'll just let him in, [lets in guard] and close the door. [tries to close the door] Oh snap! It's jammed!

Guard: I'm Mike Schmidt, and you must be the new junior night guards.

Peppa: Me and Suzy-

Suzy: Hi!

Peppa: ...are the junior night guards.

Phone Guy: Am I intruding this chat?

Mike: No, what is it Phone Guy?

Phone Guy: I see you're in a jam.


Phone Guy: They're coming, put on the masks.

Freddy: Hello... multiple... other... Freddys.

Peppa: Hello! I like this soda. (burps very loudly)

Balloon Boy: Do you need to be fixed?

Bonnie: Yeah, do ya?

Peppa: AUUUGH! This is so annoying

Chica: I think we should leave them alone.

Peppa: [breath] You think? [breath]

[All the animatronics leave]

Peppa: Can I take off the mask?

Scotty: No, the door's jammed.

Phone Guy: I'll just leave my voice message I leave when I don't wanna talk.

Scotty: The door's fixed. Mike and I will watch the doors. You guys listen. I've heard that message many times.

[After voice message...]

Peppa: Look at the camera in the vent!

Puppet: [sticks head through ceiling vent] Hey there!

[All put on mask]

Suzy: We're still gonna die. He isn't fooled by the mask.

Puppet: I heard someone was broken so I brought pizza for you all. Me and Balloon Boy will fix him tomorrow night. Bye! [drops pizza in and leaves]

Suzy: Wow! He is fooled!

Scott: Good thing I installed vent doors. Mike?

Mike: [closes vent doors] To the cameras!

Peppa: Me, Mike and Suzy will watch the cameras. That's my soda from today! And there's my Teddy and there's a pizza box- TEDDY! (runs out of office)

Suzy: Oh no! Let's watch through the cameras. We will rescue her if she needs help.

Peppa: [runs into dining room and grabs Teddy] C'mon Teddy! (runs into office)

Suzy: We need to stay together.

Clock Alarm: Ding dong ding dong!

Peppa: It's 6:00! YEAH!

Night 2

Peppa: Well Suzy, we're all alone.

Suzy: Except for Mike. He's the grown up guard.

Something in vent: Boom boom boom boom!

Mike: Oh shoot! The door in the vent's jammed! The mask!

[The guards put on the mask]

Puppet: [pops head through vent] Hey again! I have Balloon Boy here to fix the broken guy. Where is he?

Suzy: He went to the dump.

Puppet: Well, that's a shame. He could have been in the parts and service room.

Balloon Boy: Yeah. Oh well. Bye!

[Puppet and BB leave]

Suzy: That was weird.

Foxy: [comes in] Arrr! Thank you for leaving the door unlatched!

Peppa: So what?

Foxy: So what?! So I could say hi of course! (hearty laugh) Now be good.

Suzy: I'll be good! We all will!

Foxy: Brilliant. Fare well! [runs off]

Mike: Good thing we had the mask on.


Peppa: Let's have a soda!

Suzy: No, you'll burp loudly and get us killed.

Peppa: This is a non-burp soda. It will be okay.

Suzy: [puts on mask securely] Later idiots! (runs off)

Peppa: Get back here! [puts on mask and chases Suzy]


Peppa: That night was weird.

Night 3

Phone guy: Hello? Sorry I couldn't call last night. I was at a concert singing karaoke.

Peppa: That's okay.

Phone Guy: Any how, there is a new animatronic called Springtrap. He was a hybrid one. He had a suit that could be worn by a person without... well...

Peppa: The dying?

Phone Guy: Yeah... any how, he went a bit wrong when his wires broke. And instead of stuffing you into a suit, he will stuff you into himself. He is called Springtrap because when you are stuffed inside of him, he will spring you with the wires and kill you. Keep the mask on when you need to. Bye. [hangs up]

Peppa: Look, a picture in the printer, it has a picture of him.

Unknown sound: [screeching of metal]

Peppa: It's Springtrap!

[They put on their masks]

Springtrap: Hello there, little fans of Freddy!

Peppa: Hello sir!

Springtrap: You seem nice tonight! I'll see you on the flip side. [walks off]

Peppa: Close all the doors! (closes all doors)

Suzy: Put on the masks!

[All put on masks]


[The power goes off and Freddy's music plays]

Peppa: Good thing we have these masks on.

Freddy: [walks in] I'll go and fix the power. [walks out]

[Later, the power goes on]


Night 4

Peppa: We are nailing it! Just one more night and we will be allowed to quit!

All animatronics: [walk in] Hello!

[The guards put on their masks]

Suzy: Hello!

Chica: We brought pizza!

Bonnie: And songs!

Golden Freddy: And suits for the rest of your body.

Peppa: But we have our suits on. [whispers] They know it's just a mask.

Golden Freddy: But you just have a mask. How about the full set?

Mike: RUN!

Peppa: I have the clock!


Scotty: Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is open! Where imagination comes to life.

Kids: YAAAY!

Peppa, Suzy, and Scott: AHHHHH! [run home]

Boy: What was that sis?

Girl: I dunno.

Night 5

Peppa: I have a full disguise.

Suzy: Yes, we all do.

Mangle: [bursts through] How about the suit, NOW?

[The guards put on the masks, but they fall off]

Mangle: Maybe you need a new mask.

Peppa: NO!

[The animatronics drag the guards to the backstage to be stuffed]

Mike: You stupid machines! Peppa, Suzy! Get out of here! [whacks Mangle and Peppa and Suzy run out]

Suzy: But-

Mike: Forget me! Just GO!

[Springtrap takes Mike and stuffs him into himself]

Mike: I hate my life. [gets sprung and dies]

Peppa: This way!

[Peppa and Suzy run to the exit]

Freddy: You're not following the rules! [lunges at Suzy and Peppa]

Danny and Pedro: [jumps through windows] This way!

Freddy: Oh NO you won't... [goes back to stage]

Suzy: It's 6:00!

Peppa: Let's quit this place!

[The children run down the street and back home]

[Two days later...]

Scotty: The pizzeria is closed for good.

Boy: AW MAN!

Peppa: Thank you for suing them, Daddy!

Daddy Pig: You're most welcome.

[The children go home]


[In the abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizza...]

Freddy: (turns on) It's me.