After all these years, it's back. The old ones are gone, the new ones are also gone, and he remains with the others. He wants out. He wants a change of clothes. And he will get them.


This takes place after the epilogue of FNaP 4

Peppa and George are running to the burnt restaurant where the truck is.

George: Huh?

Some workers are moving shiny new animatronics.

Peppa: What's going on?

Worker 1: Don't you know? Since the old animatronics got moved to a Children's Hospital, we replaced them with these new ones. Those guys over there just finished rebuilding the building.

Peppa: Who's that?

Worker 2: (moves Baby out of van) Oh this? This is Baby, the new main attraction. You'll get to see later because your an employee.

Peppa: What?

Scotty: (walks up) Oh, I just told them your gonna be the new night guard. Hope you don't mind.

Peppa: I hate you.

Scotty: Please! I need a new night guard- (looks at George) or two.

George: Nope! (runs off)

Suzy: I'll do it!

Peppa: No Suzy! You barely survived last time you were here! Which was the FIRST TIME!

Suzy: I can do it! We'll do it!!

Peppa: You just had to speak for me...fine I'll do it!

Night 1

Suzy: Night 1! This is gonna be great!

Peppa: (sipping soda nervously) They're coming! Hide!

Phone Rings.

Peppa: Oh my toe! It's them!

Suzy: Peppa calm the heck down! It's just the phone! (picks up phone)

Littlebat10: (on phone) HELLO?

Peppa: Not him! (grabs phone) Listen! No going crazy! That's the last thing right now that's gonna get us all killed!

Littlebat10: Whoa, calm down I just called up to tell you something. Scotty wanted me to tell you to that these robots are a bit glitchy- oh forget the explanation they're basically like Springtrap made of chrome, can't wear them as a suit, and aren't possessed they're just glitchy! Bye! (hangs up quickly)

Peppa: That's weird. I thought the company- WERE ALL GONNA DIE! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


Echos through building.

Peppa: Okay, lets just go and do our job!


Peppa: There, I crafted the desk into a hiding place! Quick get under!

They get under the desk and hide.

Baby: Where are they? I could have sworn they were in here. Oh well. (leaves)

Later, it's 6:00

Night 2-4 Please Someone Besides the guy who wrote FNaP WORLD finish(had to give everyone a turn)

Night 5

Peppa: Things are going good, I think we got this thing down!

Suzy: Yeah!

Red Guy: (breaks in) HAHA! You though you could stop me! I'll get you!

Peppa: Run!

They run off, and enter the scooping room.

Ennard: (on other side of glass) I'll escape! I'll use your skin to escape this place! I'll be free!

Peppa: Oh no! Were doomed!

Red Guy then realized he's just worthless dying trying to kill Peppa and Suzy. He needs to change his ways.

Peppa: You got us into this mess!

Red Guy: The only person getting scooped tonight is me! I finally realized I need to change my evil ways, and to prove it-(pushes Peppa and Suzy out of way and jumps in they're place)-Goodbye kid, never stop dreaming.

He then gets scooped and his skin torn off.

Peppa: Run!


Peppa is at home with Suzy telling the family and Scotty what happened.

Scotty: Oh...I never knew he would end up like that. I really need to stop making glitchy robots!

3 weeks later, the restaurant is demolished, the animatronics are fixed and send to the same children's hospital as the old ones, and everything is lovely once again.



Ennard: (is stitching Red Guy's skin on) Poor guy, well, now to escape! (escapes out of restaurant) I'm free!

The End?

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