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8 George
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This fetures mature content. If you are unfimalar with this humor, go five nights at freddy's(peppish)

night 1

Pedro: Its no use. We are stuck

(All scream)

Danny: Peppa, this is your fault!

Peppa: What the heck do I know about this place?


Suzy: Oh no! Its fredbear!

Zoe: Everyone in here.

Emily: split up!

Zaza: Is that, foxy?

Zuzu: How did a balloon boy get in here.

Zaza: And who turned the lights out?

(Foxy jumpscares them, kiling them)

Cicka: Pizza!!

Suzy: What's all this....

(She steps on the pizza, So cicka kills her)

Danny: Pedro, wind up the music box.

Pedro: Ahh(gets jumpscared by Freddy, killing him)

Peppa: Everyone hide!

Night 2

(Kylie and Freddy hide in the bathroom)

Kylie: Hi

Freddy: Oh god.

(Freddy pounds on the door, screaming"let me out!!!!!!")

Kylie:(pulls him) Shhh! You will spoil the moment.

Freddy: Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Freddy dies, and Kylie gets jumpscared by bonnie)

Zoe: Tah day!

Rebecca: You suck!

(Bonnie hears them and they get jumpscared)

Night 3

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