Mummy Pig: Peppa, Suzy, Danny and Pedro are here for the play date!

Peppa: Oh, goody!

[Suzy, Danny and Pedro come in]

Danny: Awwr. There's an annoying fly!

Suzy: Flies can spread disease!

Pedro: And I have allergies!

Mummy Pig: *sprays the fly with fly spray*

The fly: *dies*

Peppa: Wow, mum! How did you do that?

Mummy Pig: The stuff I sprayed the fly with was fly spray. Fly spray's got chemicals in it that kill flies!

Pedro: Interesting!

Another fly: *goes into Jase and Selmo's room while they're asleep*

Mummy Pig: *sprays the fly in Jase and Selmo's room with fly spray*

The fly: *dies*

Peppa: Mum, where were you?

Mummy Pig: In Jase and Selmo's room. I had to spray another fly with fly spray. Now, Jase and Selmo are completely safe in their cot.

Peppa: (thinking) I wonder if fly spray would work on Emily? If it would, playgroup would be much better!

The next day, at breakfast....

Peppa: *finishes her Corn Flakes* Can I take the fly spray to playgroup?

Mummy Pig: Of course! Madame Gazelle says she's run out of it, so she can use ours!

Later, at playgroup.....

Peppa: *sprays Emily with fly spray*

Emily: Peppa, where's the fly? Tell me please, I don't want to be with a filthy fly!

Peppa: No, Emily. I was spraying the fly spray at YOU.

Emily: You expect fly spray to work on me? That is so bubu. That's Swahili for 'dumb'.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

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