[Camera zooms in on playgroup]

Narrator: Today, Peppa is at playgroup.

Peppa: To be honest with with you, you kinda creep me out. Go away.

Narrator: Here comes Emily Elephant.

Peppa: I said go away!

Narrator: Okay, okay.

Peppa: Hello, Emily!

Emily: Humph! I'm not friends with YOU anymore, Peppa. You're just low class and un-African!

Peppa: Erm, Emily? Why are you acting like this?

Emily: Because I am a full-blooded African, as you can tell due to my species.

Peppa: Whaa?

Madame Gazelle: Today, we are getting two new students, namely Lisa Fox and Brianna Bear!

Peppa: I can't wait to meet them!

Emily: They'll have to replace me as your friends, Peppa.

[Lisa and Brianna arrive]

Brianna: Growl!

Lisa: Yap! Yap!

Peppa: Hi, I'm Peppa Pig and I like jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

Lisa: Eww!

Brianna: Come on, Lisa. Let's find the popular kids.

Emily: I believe I'm you're girl.

[Lisa and Brianna come to Emily]

Emily: And you, Peppa, you're just going to have to keep losing friends!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: Hang on, that's it! I'll make a smaller gang to go up against Emily! Because good things come on small packages.

Zoe: Can I be in it?

Suzy: Can I be in it?

Rebecca: Can I be in it?

Danny: Can I be in it?

Candy: Can I be in it?

Pedro: Can I be in it!

Wendy: Can I be in it?

Freddy: CAN I BE IT IT?

Peppa: Suzy, Danny, Pedro, you can be in it. And the rest of you, don't worry. You're all still my friends, but you're not quite members for my anti-Emily Smellyphant gang. After playgroup, let's build a treehouse. Okay?

Danny: Yeah!

Suzy: Yeah!

Pedro: Okay, but I'm not used to being in a kid gang such as this.

Madame Gazelle: Home time! *rings the bell*

[The parents arrive]

Peppa: Mum, I've just formed a gang consisted of my friends Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog and Pedro Pony!

Mummy Pig: Very good!

Peppa: And I want to take them to my house so that you can build us a treehouse!

Mummy Pig: You want to come over, 'ay? Well, I'll just ask your mothers. Is it okay?

Mummy Sheep, Mummy Dog and Mummy Pony: Of course!

Peppa: Oh, goody!

[She, Mummy Pig, George, Suzy, Danny and Pedro drive to the Pig house and get out when they get there]

Mummy Pig: Now, where should I build this treehouse?

Pedro: We should build it over here!

Peppa: I guess. But that IS close to the wind farm.

Mummy Pig: *starts building* Percy, could you help me?

Daddy Pig: *comes out* Sure! *builds a bad treehouse*

Peppa: It's, um... nice?

Daddy Pig: Thank you. I'm an expert on treehouses.

Peppa: Actually...

Daddy Pig: Ho, ho! I'll fix it! *fixes the treehouse*

Peppa: Hooray!

[She and her gang go up]

Peppa: Now, we need to get Emily back to her former glory.

Danny: Actually, I think's Emily's hot.

Peppa, Suzy and Pedro: We think she's horrible!

Peppa: She's so snobby now and isn't even African like she's starting to say she is!

Suzy: Just because she's an elephant, doesn't mean to say she's African! She's just Peppish like us.

Pedro: And she always spreads germs! Yuck!

Danny: Well, I suppose she is a BIT bad.

Peppa: That's all the reason why we formed this gang.

Mummy Pig: Emily Elephant? Isn't she that shy girl? Maybe it's just a result of shyness.

Peppa: Really, Mummy?

[Peppa and her gang laugh]