Dear Pig's Family (or just Peppa and George)

Hello. I am Emily Elephant. Peppa's and George friend. Please I beg you let them friend me on "FriendsBook"! Please contact, on your computer, "Emily Elephant" I wanna be your friend.

~Sincerely Emily Elephant

Peppa:Hmm I thought Emily was our friend. Right George?

Peppa:Ugh! I'll friend her again! This is impossible! I can't friend Emily!

Mummy Pig:Peppa? What are you doing shaking the computer?

Peppa:You see, me and George got this letter from Emily Elephant and she said she wants to be friends with us.

Mummy Pig:Oh Ok. That is fine.

Peppa:Ok George let's get working. I simply just type in Emily's name, click the microscope and "Hey Presto!" I click "Add as friend"

Narrator:Peppa and George user is "MuddyPuddelz" and Emily and Edmond user is "CleverClog"

Emily:Ok Edmond I just click "accept friend" and we are friends with "MuddyPuddlez"

Narrator:Well this app just got out on the Computer Version but what will Peppa friends get this? Stay Tune


  • "FriendsBook" is an obvious parody of "FaceBook"
  • Emily was likely apologizing for her snobbishness, but she regained it in later episodes.

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