This isn't the same as the canon episode " Fruit ".

Peppa and her friends are going to the market.

Peppa: so, what fruit do you like? I like apples.

Suzy: I like oranges.

Emily: I like bananas.

Rebecca: I like carrots.

Edmond: Carrots aren't a fruit, they're a vegetable.

Rebecca: Oh. Carrots are my favourite vegetable, but grapes are my favourite fruit.

Edmond: Silly Rebecca.

George: I like strawberries.

Peppa: Strawberries are one of the juiciest fruit, I think.

George: Really?

Peppa: I think so.

~ peppa and her friends go into the market ~

George: ~ sees strawberries ~ Can we buy some strawberries?

Peppa: Yes, George.

George: ~ puts 10 strawberries into the trolley.

Danny: And some raisins!

Peppa: OK,

Danny: ~ puts 10 raisins into the trolley ~

Peppa: And apples! ~ puts 10 apples into the trolley ~

Peppa and her friends: ~ pays for the fruit and goes to peppa's house to eat it. ~

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