In this episode of Peppa Pig, a new pupil is introduced to the playgroup. Gabby Gazelle! But she has run off and disappears in the end. And they go on a quick trip to find her!

How very exciting!


Another day at the playgroup. And Gabby

Gazelle Makes Her First Appearence.


peppa: (reading title card) Gabby Gazelle

Narrator: it is a school day, and they playgroup is getting a new student.

Madame gazelle: Children. listen up! Today, we have a new pupil, she is my grand-daughter!

class: ooooooh!

Madame gazelle: her name is Gabby Gazelle

(Gabby Gazelle walks in, rather exited)

Gabby: Hello [Giggles of excitment]

Class: Hello Gabby

Madame Gazelle: ok, Gabby. go and join the class

Gabby: O.K! [giggles and sits down with the rest.]

Peppa,Suzy,and Rebecca: Hi Gabby!

Gabby: [giggles] Hi guys.

Madame Gazelle: ok, class playtime will be-

Gabby: YAY! [runs outside]

Narrator: oh no! Gabby has run outside, and its not time for playtime yet!

Madame gazelle: Oh dear, (calling) GABBY! IT'S NOT TIME TO PLAY OUTISDE YET! [runs outside to go catch Gabby]

Class: [Follows, giggling and "sneaky" music starts playing]

Madame gazelle: GABBY?

Class: GABBY?

Suzy: Maybe Gabby left the playgroup!

Everyone: [Gasps in shock and fear]

Suzy: [whispering] Peppa, don't you think Gabby isn't that good of a listener? She just ran off before madame Gazelle could finish!

Peppa: [whispering a little louder than suzy] Suzy, thats rather rude! [squints eyes at suzy]

Gabby: [comes out of bush] Here i am! {giggles}

Narrator: Gabby was in the bush! all the time!

Everyone: giggles

Madame gazelle: [checking watch] Oh! it's time for recess.

eveyone: Hooray!

Peppa: Now what?

(plays "uh oh" tune)

Gabby: A muddy puddle! i love muddy puddles! (runs to muddy puddle and starts jumping up and down in it)

The whole class: ME TOO! (joins in)

Gabby: [giggles] I love the playgroup!

everyone: (giggles and falls down)

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