Gabe Newfoundland

Gabriel "Gabe" Newfoundland is a video game developer, the great nephew-in-law of Danny Dog, and the co-founder of Hydrant Games. He is also the creator of the popular online gaming platform, Energy.

Games Developed


Partly-Soul : Attacking Power [Partly-Soul DLC]

Partly-Soul : Blue Lift [Partly-Soul DLC]

Partly-Soul : Fade [Partly-Soul DLC]

Partly-Soul : Deathmatch

Partly-Soul : Dawn [Partly-Soul Remake]

Partly-Soul : Deathmatch Dawn [Partly-Soul : Deathmatch Remake] Partly-Soul 2

Partly-Soul 2 : Deathmatch

Partly-Soul 2 Part 1

Partly-Soul 2 Part 2

Opposite Strike

Opposite Strike : On no conditions

Opposite Strike : Dawn [Opposite Strike Remake]

Opposite Strike : Global Defensive

Peppa Fortress

Peppa Fortress Classic

Peppa Fortress 2


Entry 2


  • Despite being a Newfoundland, he is not related to Nick, Nina, Mrs or Mr. Newfoundland.

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