Geroge gets an Xbox 360 as a gift from the lotto.


George: Mummy ? When is my special gift coming

Mummy Pig: Soon George

(door bell rings)

Mr Zebra: I have a delivery for George

Mummy Pig: It must be Geroge's gift that he won in that scratch card

Geroge: Gift

Daddy Pig: Lets unwrap it now

George: (opens the box) Xbox 360

Peppa: Mummy ? Can I have a PlayStation 3

Mummy Pig: Maybe when it's your birthday or Christmas

Peppa: Okay (sighs)

Daddy Pig: Let's start up this thing

(10 minutes later)

Geroge: (playing Red Dead Redemption) Whee-whee

Peppa: Can I have a go ?

George: No

Peppa: You have to go the Saloon not just random plains!

Mummy Pig: That is for both of you to share so Geroge wil you let Peppa play it for a short time

Geroge: Okay

Peppa: This game is fun (giggles)

Narrater: Peppa loves playing the Xbox 360 everyone loves playing the Xbox 360

Peppa: I love it (June) Geroge: I want to play! Daddy Pig: look Peppa here is your PS3 Peppa: yes Geroge: me Daddy pig: and here is a new game WWE 13 Geroge: yes Peppa: i got the game WWE 13 too (end)


The Xbox 360 and PS3 is not seen in later episodes.


July 3, 2013 (UK)

June 30 2013 (USA)

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