George's New Toy

Narrator: It is a lovely day and George is playing with his toy, Mr Dinosaur.

'George': I love my toy dinosaur! Roar!

Daddy Pig: George, can you find a quieter game to play with Mr Dinosaur please?

George: O.K.

Narrator: George is going to find another quiet game to play with Mr Dinosaur.

George: Hm? A quieter game?

Narrator: Here is Mummy Pig.

Mummy Pig: Hello, George, what are you doing?

George: I'm trying to find a quieter game for me to play with Mr Dinosaur.

Mummy Pig: I don't know, George?

George: Where's Peppa?

Daddy Pig: She's having a sleepover at Emily Elephant's house.

George: That means I have my bedroom all to myself.

Mummy Pig: Yes, George.


Daddy Pig: George, afternoon tea is ready!

Mummy Pig: Your in luck, George.

George: Am I?

Daddy Pig: Yes, cause your having chocolate cake.

George: Yum, yum, yummy, yum!

Narrator: George loves chocolate cake.

George: I wounder what Peppa is doing now.

Daddy Pig: I don't know?

George: Cause she'd love this chocolate cake.


Narrator: George loves chocolate cake. Everyone loves chocolate.


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