"George Gets Blamed" is a fanon Peppa Episode.


After Peppa smashes a plate by accident when Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig weren't Around, He takes the blame on George. Peppa decides to do bad things get George sent to bed.


Peppa and her family are having lunch, Mummy and Daddy Pig decide to use the bathroom. When they are, Peppa accidentally smashes a China plate and gets George out of his seat and Peppa herself sits back down like nothing had happened with her.

after mummy pig sees the smashed plate, she is shocked and that is she sees George smash something again, he would be sent to bed With no dinner. George scaws at Peppa and goes off to play with his toys.

George's friends come around to Peppa's House, They are happy to see George. they hear a smash. they see a broken plate next to the door. Edmond says that they are going to get sent home Over A smashed plate. So them and George all hide, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig decide that it was just the wind. George and his friends get lucky.

eventually, George and his friends plot revenge as they knew who did it, Peppa. Richard Rabbit smashes a plate, and Edmond calls Peppa next to the plate. Peppa says they are making her get into trouble. mummy Pig and Daddy Pig find out Peppa Was the one who smashed the plates to blame George, and she gets sent to bed early. she also apologises to George For getting him into trouble. but she says she is still happy to have a little brother.

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