George the Killer (Later retitled George the Scary Man) is a banned episode.


Peppa is on YouTube watching videos of herself. A link for a website is in the comments, she clicks it and Jeff The Killer scares her. George is playing with Richard Rabbit, Edmond Elephant, Zuzu Zebra and Zaza Zebra. Peppa tricks them to go into the living room, she turns on the channel and to the toddlers surprise, Jeff The Killer scares them and George turns into George The Killer, scaring the rest. Mummy Pig than bumps George on the head and turns him back to his former self. 


  • This episode has scared many children due to the fact it had Jeff The Killer in it. Therefore, it was only brodcasted in very few countries. The remastered version features a spoof image showing Jeff as a pig, and the killer" was changed to "the scary man". Because of this, the remastered version is renamed George The Scary Man.
  • Dispite Jeff The Killer scaring the toddlers, they do not cry.
  • This episode was made to revenge George to stop crying all the time.
  • This episode contains swearing, but the episode was banned.


Peppa: “ I will show you this cool video on the net. “

Toddlers: “ GREAT! “

Peppa: “ Here goes nothing! “

(Jeff The Killer appears and screams. The toddlers faint)

George: “ Jeff the Killler? Me want to be George the killler! “

Edmond: “ Oh dear, George has been possessed. Like the time I cried at my own birthday party! “

(Flashback to ” Edmond Elephant's Birthday “)

Richard: “ And the time I met George... “

(Flashback to “ George's Friend “)

Zuzu and Zaza: “ And when we're not allowed at the sleepover with the big kids. “

(Flashback to “ Sleepover “)



  • Peppa Pig
  • George Pig
  • Richard Rabbit
  • Edmond Elephant
  • Zuzu Zebra
  • Zaza Zebra
  • Jeff The Killer