George and richard
George and Richard is a series started by Brony4Everr/WtfWeirdo. it's centered around, George, Richard, and a shizload of aliens. In the series, everyone seems to be out of character

George and Richard

the first one. Richard needs George's help on planet stiT giB to get more carrots.

George and Richard II


George and Richard III

Richard wakes up George in the middle of the night to throw some babies

George and Richard IV

the Christmas special. Goldie is turned into a human. and because Richard broke sessA giB laws to turn her into a human, alien birds invade.

(in my opinion, this one was pretty bad)

George and Richard V

this is the first one written by Alfirk. George dies, so Zuzu zebra decides to go with Richard to planet xeS (THIS ONE ISN'T COMPLETE YET)

Running gags

  • George dies in nearly every episode
  • Perverted words backwards.

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