Die sauce


Mummy Pig: Percy, this is an intervention. You need to stop putting Die Sauce on your food. If you take it in large doses, it'll kill you.

Daddy Pig: But there's nothing like some spicy Die Sauce with my food. :(

George: Dine-saw! Rrrrr!

Mummy Pig: No, George. This isn't about dinosaurs. This is about Die Sauce.

George: But Die Sauce and dine-saws same thing!

Mummy Pig: No, George. Die Sauce and dinosaurs are different.

George: Me ask big sister how. *goes upstairs* Big sister, how are Die Sauce and dine-saws different?

Peppa: I don't know. Suzy probably knows.

Suzy: Yes, I do know. Dinosaurs are large reptiles that died out millions of years ago and Die Sauce is a rare drug that will kill you if you take it in large doses.

Peppa: That's just gobbledygook!

George: Gobby gook! Gobby gook! *goes downstairs* Gobby gook!

Mummy Pig: Look. George knows about the famous singer Gabby Gook!

Daddy Pig: I know!

George: Me not know her. Me just hear Suzy talk about difference between Die Sauce and dine-saws and big sister say 'That gobby gook'. Oh! Die Sauce! *runs to bottle of Die Sauce*

Daddy Pig: Uh, uh, uh! You have to be 18 or older to have Die Sauce.

George: But me love dine-saw!

Daddy Pig: You can keep Mr. Dinosaur but you can't have Die Sauce until you're 18.

George: Me not get it!

Let me sped up time

(16 years later)

Mummy Pig: George your 18!!! You can have Die Sauce!!!

18-year old George: What the Dinosaur is Die Sauce?

The End