[Peppa, Suzy, Danny, Pedro and George arrive at the park]

Peppa: Ah, the park.

Pedro: Interesting.

Danny: And what an awesome day to be here!

George: *sees time machine* Clock! Clock!

Suzy: No, that's a time machine!

George: *goes inside time machine*

Emily: Yes, clock. And this is a magical clock! It can take you to any time you want!

George: Even dine-saw time?

Emily: Yes, even the dinosaur time. Just press this button and you'll be there.

George: *pushes the button*

[The time machine takes George to the dinosaur times]

George: Dine-saw! Rrrrr! Big blue dine-saw with long neck! Big green dine-saw that look like T-Rex. Yellow flying dine-saw! *giggles and runs around with Mr. Dinosaur*

Dinosaur: RAWRRR!!! *stomps towards George*

George: Hello dine-saw! You want meet dine-saw? *shows Mr. Dinosaur to the dinosaur*

Dinosaur: *tries to eat George*

George: *runs all over the place, looking for the time machine* Me need help! Dine-saw want eat me! *sees a pterodactyl* Me fly away on this dine-saw! *gets on the pterodactyl*

Pterodactyl: *takes off*

George: Me got feeling flying dine-saw also eat me. *jumps off the pterodactyl and lands in a tree* Phew! Me thought me going to crash into ground! But how me get down? Me know! Me just climb down! *climbs down and goes into the time machine*

[The time machine takes him back to 2014]

George: That horrible! Dine-saw attack me and me go on flying dine-saw and me have to jump off it and land in tree!

Peppa: Oh, my little George! *cuddles George* Was everything all right out there?

George: No!

Suzy: I tried to tell you it was a time machine and not a clock!

George: But Emily say it magical clock that go to any time!

Peppa: That Emma-Poo! Rrrrr! She encouraged George to go back in time to one hundred million B.C. by telling him about the dinosaurs!

Emily: Be happy it wasn't you, Peppa.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.



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