Peppa: Gang, we've gotta stop Emily elephant from... *sees George*

George: *climbs into treehouse*

Pedro: Who's that?

Danny: Yeah. Who?

Suzy: Peppa's little brother George.

George: *starts having accidents in the treehouse*

Peppa: Everybody outttt! He's causing damage!

George: Me sorry, big sister.

[Peppa and her gang leave the treehouse and a poster for The Mr. Potato Show falls out]

Peppa: GEORGE!

George: *cries*

Emily: (walking past) Oh, Peppa. You really shouldn't let tiny little 2 year olds into your treehouse.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: We didn't LET him come in, but he still did.

Emily: Let him in or not, that treehouse looks kutisha. That's Swahili for horrible.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: George, look at all this trouble you got us into!

Pedro: Isn't that a bit harsh, Peppa?

Peppa: You don't like Emily Elephant, do you, Pedro?

Pedro: No?

Peppa: Well, George has damaged the treehouse and now Emily Elephant, Lisa Fox and Brianna Bear are all teasing us for this. So it's not harsh!

George: *cries*

Emily: Oh, Peppa. Too bad you don't live with my little brother Edmond. He's a total genius and speaks in full sentences, unlike your reckless little George.

[She and her clique leave]

Peppa: I'm glad all that bullying's over. Now say sorry, George!

Mummy Pig: What's going on?

Peppa: George is damaging our treehouse!

Mummy Pig: Peppa! He's only 2! You and your gang are 6. He's just exploring it.

Peppa: Phew. I thought he was TRYING to damage it! But he isn't, he's just exploring it.

Suzy: And because of that, why don't we give him a tour of it?

Peppa, Danny and Pedro: Yeah!

Peppa: *picks up George and takes him to the treehouse's poster wall* See, George? This is where we hang up posters. This one has Superpig on it and this one has some humans jumping in a puddle on it.

Danny: *leaves the treehouse and comes back in with the Mr. Potato Show poster* And here's the one for The Mr. Potato Show! It fell out.

Peppa: *puts George on the floor* And this is where we hold our meetings against Emma-Poo and her walky-talky girls Lisa and Brianna.

George: *giggles*

Suzy: And this is the corner where I like to study!

Mummy Pig: (from outside the treehouse) Well, it looks like Peppa and her gang are now understanding George.


  • Why didn't Danny and Pedro know who George was? He goes to playgroup with them.

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