Remember Crazy george at the end of Peppa goes normal? this is his side of the story.

sorry if this title is misleading. george won't turn into a nut XD

this is kinda sad at first

George and mummy pig are playing go fish in the sitting room.

George: mummy. do you have any eights?

Mummy pig: hmmmm.. go fish.

George: aww. ~takes a card~

Mummy pig: ~giggles~

George: ~laughs~ playing with you is fun, mummy ^.^

Peppa pig: (from upstairs) SOMETIMES I JUST DON'T CARE. 

~loud crash~

Mummy pig: peppa!? ~runs outside~

George: ~runs after~

Peppa is shown on top of the red, now dented car, unconsious and covered with bruises.

George: ~gasps and cries on mummy pig's dress~ poor peppa!

Mummy pig: ~pats george~ hush hush. it'll be okay..

~at the hospital~

Mummy pig: will she be okay?

Dr brown bear: along with the serious injuries, Peppa is in a broken hearted coma. we don't know how long she'll be gone, but we'll alert you as soon as she's awake. ~sets up cameras~

George: this can't be happening! ~cries on daddy pig's shirt~

Daddy pig: i'm not mummy pig.

6 months later

George: mummy? will peppa come back?

Mummy pig: personally, i don't care anymore.

Daddy pig: ~gasps~

Mummy pig: i mean-- maybe someday george. we just can't give up hope.

George: it's not FAAAAAIR! ~cries again~ i want my peppa back!

Daddy pig: George, quit being creepy! the news is finally on.


~rainbow explosion~

Mummy pig: ??

George: or MAYBE, i don't need her back! i'd rather go to bed. DADDY PIG! carry me to bed!

Daddy pig: ~picks up george and floats upstairs~

Mummy pig: wtf?

George: what an exhausting day! ~floats into bed~ i wonder what crazy shenanigans will come to be tomorrow. GOODNIGHT! ~throws green fire at his lamp and it goes out~



  • this probably won't become a series

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