George: You know how I can Fus Ro Dah quite impressively?

Peppa: Yes? (thinking) Oh HECKS no! OH HECKS NO!!! (out loud) OH HECKSSSSS NO!

George: And you know how Littlebat10 wants to rule the world? Well, time to make my big cousin proud.

Peppa: George, please don't do this!

George: (hops on cargo transport aircraft) Bye! (flys off)

Peppa: Someone stop that guy!


George: (land on top of skyscraper) Now I will destroy this city, for Littlebat10! (does warm up breaths)

Peppa: (climbs to top) George, NO!

George: In their tongue, he is Georjahkiin, George Pig!

Peppa: (flys off on cargo shuttle) Nope.

George: Well, here it goes!

FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The entire building explodes.

George: I'm okay!

The End

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