The students evacuating the Playgroup Note: The children shouldn't be happy.

This episode has been banned due to fire at the Playgroup.



Mummy Sheep in that weird station wagon.

Peppa: Giant gas fire at the Playgroup.

Narrator: Today, Peppa & her friends are at Playgroup.

Madame Gazelle: Today we will be learning about...

(Burst pours gas all over playgroup)

Narrator: Oh! The school is on fire!

Everyone: AAH!!!!! THE SCHOOL IS ON FIRE!!!!!

[All the students evacuate the school]

[Madame Gazelle calls out all the names and all the students shout here]

Madame Gazelle: We need to call the Mummy's Fire Engine Service!

[She calls them]

Miss Rabbit:*answers phone* Sorry, we gotta go home now. It is our home time! Bye! *hangs up*

Madame Gazelle: Oh dear!

[Daddy Pig drives Skids into the fire]

Daddy Pig: This'll put out the fire!

[Skids explodes]

Daddy Pig: Oh. That wasn't meant to happen.

Peppa: NOOO! Skids!

[Daddy Pig goes home]

Emily Elephant: Even my Lola Limo can't do that!

Madame Gazelle: Aw look. My poor playgroup.

Mary Mouse: There there, Madame Gazelle. Everything will be alright. *hugs Madame Gazelle*

Everyone: AAAH!!!!!!!!! THE PLAYGROUP!!!!!!!!!! FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!

[A weird station wagon comes driving with Mummy Sheep]

Mummy Sheep: Ello' mates.

Madame Gazelle: JUST DO YOUR JOB ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

Mummy Sheep: I have buckets of water in the back of the station wagon.

Madame Gazelle: JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!

[Mummy Sheep throws water at fire and The Fire Goes Out]

Everyone: Yay!!!!!!!

Burst: Are you dumb or something?

(Burst nukes the playgroup)

(everyone died)