Gina pig
Gina Pig is George Pig's long lost twin sister. When she was born, she was selected to go to a boarding school due to a X-Ray showing she has much potential. She is 4 years old, the same age as George. She wears a purple dress with light purple spots. She also wears glasses, even though she was not supposed to wear glasses in the original idea. She is clever, and never cries. The only time she cries is in the upcoming crossover with an upcoming series called "This Chihuahua's Too Crazy!". Her best friend is Edmond Elephant. She is also friends with a reformed Foxy Fox, and Gordon Goat. She is enemies with Zuzu and Zaza Zebra due to them breaking her glasses once, and with her alternative self in another universe. She is currently alive, but is dead in THE END universe. She also does not like being called a baby.

More info about her is still to come.

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