Girls Vs. Boys is an episode of the Peppa Pig series.


The boys have been teased by girls for being "boring boys" very rudely so the boys decided to get them into trouble.


Narrator: Peppa, Suzy, Candy, Zoe, and Rebecca are playing a game for which is girls. (Outside in the garden) George, Richard, Danny and Pedro are playing a game which is for boys.

Danny: Catch, George! (Geroge throws too high and the girls came to stop the noise)

Peppa: Those boys are really boring me!

Suzy: Me too! We wished they'd go away 'cos girls are better then boys!

Danny: Hey! I heard that! Boys can be fun, handsome!

Peppa and the girls: No, they're not!

Boys and girls: (Arguing each other) Yes, they are! No, they're not! Yes, they are!

Peppa: We're not playing with those "boys" anymore! (Makes rude noises).

(Suzy hits the ball right into George and Richard's face before they burst into tears)

Danny: Don't cry, George and Richard. We'll find a way to teach those girls a lesson! Won't we, Pedro?

Pedro: Yes, but what?

Danny: I know! We'll take Daddy Pig's glasses and smash them into bits and hid them on top of Peppa's bed and Daddy will be not happy to her!

Pedro: Yes!

Danny: Ssh! Don't let the girls see what you are you doing?

Narrator: Pedro sneaks into Peppa's house, and into the living room. Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig are dozing like an old stick-in-the-mud.

(Pedro nicks Daddy Pig's glasses and breaks them. Then hides them on top of Peppa's bed)

Pedro: (Runs outside to tell the boys) I done it! (They shake hands)

Daddy Pig: (Off-screen) Aaaaahhh!! Where are my glasses?!

(Danny and the boys rushed into to tell Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig what had happened)

Danny: Daddy Pig! What's wrong?

Daddy Pig: My glasses have been stolen!

Perdo: Don't worry! We'll look for them!

(The boys and Mummy Pig went to Peppa's room to look when they saw something on Peppa's bed)

Mummy Pig: Daddy Pig's glasses! (gasps in horror) Naughty Pig! (She walks down to tell Peppa and the girls off)

(The boys heard Mummy ringing the girl's mommy's to pick them up and started snickering)

Narrator: The mummy's are here to pick up the girls home as punishment.

Peppa: We didn't break his "annoying glasses"!

Daddy Pig: How did you know?