Godfathder Dog is the husband of Godmother Dog, and the father of Dec Dog and Daisy Dog. His real name is Ace.

Godfather Dog was born in December 4, 1972. He met Godmother Dog when he was still a baby. They fell for each other when they were 16. They married at 25. Then Dec and Daisy were born.

His realitives are: Danny Dog (nephew), Dinky Dog (neice), Daisy Dog (daughter), Dec Dog (son), Daisy and Domino Dog (neice and nephew), Nick Newfoundland (nephew), Nina Newfoundland (neice), Nikki Newfoundland (sister), Godmother Dog (both sister and wife), Mummy Dog (sister), Daddy Dog (brother), Granny Dog (mother), Grandad Dog (father), The Cool Girlz (cousins), The Hot Boyz (cousins), David and Harry Dog (nephews)

Friends: His family, the toddlers and babies, Kaylee, Lisa, Brianna, Simon, Belinda, The Peppa Pig Gang, Chloe, Mecha Peppa, Negative George, Mecha Chloe, Negative Alexander, the grown-ups, Delphine Donkey, Dedier Donkey

Enemies: Lord Fry, Mecha Peppa (formerly), Negative George (formerly), Mecha Chloe (formerly), Negative Alexander (formerly)


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