Is a parody of grand Theft auto games

Rated "M" Drugs, Violence, Blood, Sexuality,


You live in the great city of waterpoo (keralis city from cities skylines) your mission is to get rid of the bad guys or gangs called "The poopers" at the beggining some of those guys beat you, but, you also beat them until your last breath, the more progress you make, the stronger you will become.

The leader of "The poopers" is your worst enemy, Emily Elephant, she hanged out with your boyfriend, Danny Dog, as kid and now you growed up its time to kick her butt


1. New beggining. You wake up from your bed and go outside, you see someone calling you in the distance, you run into him and he tells you this "A gang from The poopers passed a second ago and punched me, give those guys a lesson" and gives you a "common pistol" you catch up with those guys and you kill them, suddently a police siren sounds and that strange dude you talked to comes to you in a hurry and gets you into a car, "its simple, you just run away from police, friend" after you lose cops mission ends.

Reward: "common pistol ammo" and $100

2. The bad guys. As you walk in the street, you go into "The poopers" territory and they go mean at you, use your pistol to kill them and stole some of their guns and money, then a mini-boss shows up, you hace to be quick, he has a shotgun and you got to miss his attacks, after you kill him mission ends

Reward: 0.3% territory is yours, $125 and the mini-boss' shotgun