Peppa and her family go to celebrate Grandma's Birthday.



(title card)

Peppa: Grandpa Pig!

George: Papa ig!

Grandpa: *oink* Hello Peppa, Hello George.

Peppa: Is it grandma's birthday today?

Grandpa: Yes, It is! But She's out

Peppa: Why is she out?

Grandpa: I told her too go out so we can get ready for the surprise!

Peppa: *oink* Okay

(peppa and her family go inside)

Peppa: Oh, everything is already done!

Grandpa: *oink* Almost everything, I need you for one last thing.

Peppa: What is it?

Grandpa: We need your presents!

Peppa: My present is here!

Grandpa: What about George?

George: *oink* *oink* (gives present)

Grandpa: Very good. Now we need to turn off the lights so we can surprise her!

(grandpa turns off lights)

(grandma comes)

(grandma comes in)

Grandma: I'm home!

Everyone (except for grandma): Surprise!

Grandma: Oh, What a lovely surprise!

Peppa: Here's my present!

Grandma: Oh, I wonder what's inside?

(grandma opens)

Grandma: A lovely vase! Why thank you Peppa.

(george runs up to grandma)

Grandma: Thank you, George!

George: *oink* *oink

(grandma opens)

Grandma: A flower for the vase! Thank you, George.

(george smiles)

Grandpa: Why don't we all go in the kitchen?

(everyone goes into the kitchen)

Grandpa: We can't have a birthday, without cake!

(everyone sits down)

(grandma blows candles)

(everyone grabs a slice a cake)

(everyone bites out of the cake)

Grandma: This is the best birthday i have ever had.

Peppa: Because your the best grandma ever.

(everyone laughs)



- First episode in season 5 to air in december.

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