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Peppa: I love The Lion King! I wish that I can see the movie!

Suzy: The Lion King is boring. I wish I could be watching Cars.

Danny: I disagree with Suzy, The Lion King is not boring.

Pedro: The Lion King is ROARR-some! I like the scene of the film where Pumbaa says: "When I was a young wart HOOOOOOOOG!"

Doorbell: Ding-dong!

Suzy: Yippee! My friend Bertram Bliter!

[Suzy opens the door and then.....]

Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata!

Suzy: You two are so ugly in an ugly film.

Timon: Do not say we're ugly.

Peppa: Sorry for Suzy teasing you. I'm Peppa Pig and this is my gang, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog & Pedro Pony.

Pumbaa: We'd rather stay with you three instead of Su........wait, which one's Suzy?

Peppa: Suzy is the one in the pink dress.

Timon: It was nice of you, Danny & Pedro letting us stay in your tree house while Africa is under construction!

Suzy: The Lion King is still bori....

Timon: Suzy! Not in front of the kids!

I do not know what to type in next after school.....

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