Happy Walloween

Title card

Happy Walloween is a Halloween special of Peppa Pig. Its title is a portmanteau of 'wallow' and 'happy halloween'.


Peppa: Oh, yeah! I love this Angela Anaconda costume!

Mummy Pig: Peppa, don't you remember what that grey girl has done to our family?

Peppa: Meh. And, anyway, they stopped showing it, so, no worries.

Tobias: *comes out of the basement* Ninja PIIIIIG!

Mummy Pig: Yes, Tobias, you're a lovely Ninja Pig.

George: *comes downstairs* I'm dressed as a dinosaur again! RRRR!

Peppa: George, you were a dinosaur last year!

Mummy Pig: This time, he's a triceratops.

George: *oinks x2* That's right, Peppa.

Peppa: Whatever.

[Matthew comes of the basement]

Matthew: Hey, I'm dressed as a zombie!

Mummy Pig: I know, Matthew.

[Peppa's gang come]

Suzy: I'm dressed as a mad scientist!

Danny: I'm dressed as a ghost!

Pedro: I'm dressed as a unicorn!

Wally: Me dressed as Hoggish viking!

Peppa: A unicorn? And I thought your superhero costume from last year wasn't scary.

Mummy Pig: Got your pails?

Peppa, Suzy, Danny, Pedro and Wally: Yeah!

Mummy Pig: Then you can go! Have fun!

Peppa: Okay!

[They leave]

Peppa: *knocks on the Zebras' door*

Mrs. Zebra: *answers* Hello!

Peppa: Trick or treat!

Mrs. Zebra: Here you go! *gives them some lollies*

Peppa: Thank you!

Mrs. Zebra: You're welcome.

[They Continue to the Beaver's House]

Peppa: *knocks on door*

Mr. Beaver: *Answers* Hello Kids.

Peppa: Trick or Treat!

Mr. Beaver: Here you go* Gives them Fruity Jellies*

Peppa: Thanks.

Mr. Beaver: Your Welcome Kids.

[they leave]

[They continue to the Rabbit's warren]

Peppa: *knocks on the ground*

Mr. Rabbit: *answers* Hello!

Peppa: Trick or treat!

Mr. Rabbit: Okay! *gives them some lollies*


Peppa: *knocks on the Skunks' door*

Mr. Skunk: Sorry, I'm all out of candy, but I do have this map that leads ya to the Great Candy Lake of Peppaland!

Peppa: The Great Candy Lake of Peppaland?

Mr. Skunk: Sure. Here's the map! *gives them the map*

Peppa: Let's go, gang!

[They go into the forest]

Mr. Skunk: Stupid kids!

In the forest...

Peppa (reading map): And here we are, the... *stops reading map* CLIFF?

Suzy: I think this was a trick.

Danny: Oh, how will we ever get home?

Wally: Me have have good idea.

Peppa: What's that, Wally?

Wally: We look for candy that fall out of pail.

Peppa: Good idea! Alright, gang, split up and search.

[They split up and search]

Peppa: Aha!

Rebecca: Oh, that's mine. But you can have it if you want it.

Peppa: Rebecca? What're you doing out here?

Rebecca: Mr. Skunk tricked me into this. How about you?

Peppa: Yeah. What are you dressed as, anyway?

Rebecca: I'm a goth.

Peppa: We're trying to find candy that fell out of our pails to get home.

Suzy: *comes* Peppa, we just need to follow the map that got us here.

Peppa: It's too dark to read it.

In Peppatown...

Emily: It's so nice not to be disturbed by Peppa and them for once.

Lisa: You know, I'm kind of worried about Peppa.

Brianna: Me too.

Emily: Who cares about her? And, anyway, that's where Steve Skunk lives. We'd better not ask him for lollies. He once robbed the manor.

Lisa: You don't suppose he got Peppa, do you?

Back in the forest...

Peppa: Bertram? Brianna?

Bertram: We're Loch Ness Monsters.

Suzy: Did you get tricked by Mr. Skunk?

Bertram: Aye.

Peppa: Alright, everyone. We're gonna have to build a shelter out of sticks.

Danny: *sighs*

[They build a shelter out of sticks and go inside]

Peppa: Let's have lollies for dinner!

Suzy: Mmm!

[They eat their lollies]

In Peppa's basement...

[Tobias and his gang are having a Halloween party]

Mummy Pig: Having fun?

Tobias: Oh, yeah! Especially without Peppa!

Mummy Pig: You know, she's been out for quite a while. We'd better look for her!

Tobias: Oh, man!

Pete: See, this is why you should always tell her to go away!

Simon: You don't hate Peppa that much, do you?

Chris: Yeah!

Tobias: Only if she's really in trouble.

Mummy Pig: Then, let's go!

[Tobias's friends and the Pig family get in the car and drive around]

Pete: What if we asked the people of the houses?

Mummy Pig: Sounds good. *stops the car* Try that nice little house. See if anyone there's seen Peppa.

Tobias: Sure!

[They go to Mr. Skunk's door]

Tobias: *knocks*

Mr. Skunk: Why, hello, there.

Tobias: Trick or treat!

Mr. Skunk: Have this map to the Great Candy Lake of Peppatown.

Tobias: Thanks!

Mr. Skunk: *closes his door*

Chris: We got this map, which leads to a lake of candy.

Pete: It must be a trick!

Simon: Maybe Peppa fell for it!

Mummy Pig: Quite possibly, Simon! Into the car!

[They get into the car and follow the map]

Peppa: *gasps* IT'S MY CAR!

Suzy: We'll never fit.

Danny: Where is it, anyway?

Peppa: Right over the... Oh. It's gone!

[They chase it]


Mummy Pig: Peppa? *stops the car*

[They get out]

Daddy Pig: Rebecca and the McKenzie kids, too? We'll never fit all them. Infact, now that I think about it, we won't fit any of them, including Peppa!

Mummy Pig: Well, we'll have to fit Peppa. One of Tobias' friends needs to go!

Pete: I can go, because I'm related to Pedro and we can go at the same time!

Mummy Pig: Sounds good! *calls Mummy Pony* Look for us in the forest, okay? We have your children. Good. Bye!


[Mummy Pony comes with Patty]

Mummy Pony: Pedro, Pete! I'm so relieved!

[Pedro and Pete get in]

[The car leaves]

Peppa: *gets into her car* Let's go!

Mummy Pig: We can't just abandon your friends!

[Everyone but Wally, Chris, Buffy and Simon's families come and pick their kids up]

Mummy Pig: Alright, Wally, let's call your parents to get you!

Wally: Me no have car.

Mummy Pig: That means another of Tobias' friends has to leave! Who will it be this time?

Chris: Me.

Mummy Pig: *calls Mummy Chinchilla* Hello? We're in the forest with Chris. Can you get him? Good! Thanks! Bye!

[Mummy Chinchilla, Grandpa Chinchilla, Caitlin and Charlotte come]

Chris: *gets in* Bye, Tobz!

Tobias: Bye, Chris!

Mummy Pig: Phew! *starts driving*


Mummy Pig: *stops*

Wally: Bye! *leaves and goes inside*

Peppa: Wally lives in a caravan? Can I go there, please?

Mummy Pig: *starts the car* Maybe tomorrow.

Tobias: Alright, Peppa, don't ever expect us to be nice to you ever again.

Simon and Buffy: Yeah!

Mummy Pig: There's still one person we need to call to get someone.

Daddy Pig: Who?

Mummy Pig: The cops on Mr. Skunk.

[They all laugh]



  • Musk sticks are seen among the lollies in their pails. This is a reference to the user MuskStix who created the episode.
  • Despite the title being 'Happy Walloween', the holiday is still known as Halloween in the Peppaverse.