Peppa's House Entrance

Mummy Pig: ...And remember Peppa, come back at eight.

Peppa Pig: Yeah, yeah!

The Park

Danny Dog: Are you ready to go guising?

Peppa Pig: Yep! I'm gonna eat my chocolate when I'm guising so Mummy won't no. Tee-hee.

[Rebecca raises her finger]

Rebecca Rabbit: Good idea!

Suzy Sheep: Where is George?

Peppa Pig: He's still too young!

Emily Elephant: That's funny because Edmund is with me!

Peppa Pig: Then he's lucky!

Edmund Elephant: Yay! I'm secretly not George's friend!

Peppa Pig: I suppose that makes sense Edmund considering he's a big cry baby.

[George comes along crying with mummy pig]

Mummy Pig: Peppa! I told you to go guising with George! And George told me you were going to eat all the chocolate when you're guising so I wouldn't know!

Peppa Pig: Oh, George!

Mummy Pig: That's it Peppa! No guising for you this year!

All Of Peppa's Friends: Hu!

Peppa Pig: No!

[Zooms into Peppa's mouth]

SakifreemodeGD: Yeah, you probably know where this is from now.

To Be Continued...

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