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Littlebat10 is very sad. Peppa yelled at him. Dat boi is unicycling next to him because he is depressed too. He is sad because everyone is mad at him for replacing Pepe.

Littlebat10: I walk a lonely road, the only one I have ever known. don't know where it goes, but it's only me and I walk alone.

Sonic: I ate a chili dog.

Littlebat10: I'm sad, not only because everyone hates me and Dat Boi, but poor little echidnas have a four headed-

Sonic: One thing at a time.

Peppa: I'm sorry for yelling at you!

Littlebat10: I hate blue cheese!

Peppa: Wha?

Littlebat10: (gets his butt kicked by Sonic) HEDGEHOG!

The End

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