actually, i lied to you. i haven't been writing this story all this time. i just said that because i actually forgot about it.

anyway, peppa turns evil.

let's do this

this story begins at night, like most of my stories tend to do...

Peppa: mummy mummy can you read us a story before bedtime?

Mummy pig: alright. it's called The red monkey book.
HeroMad with power

Peppa and george: ooooooh.

Mummy pig: once upon a time there was a red monkey.

Mummy pig: and this red monkey went down to the club

Mummy pig: ~flips page~ he met up with his bros

Mummy pig: ~flips page~ he threw money on a hooker

Mummy pig: ~last page~ and popped bottles all night. the end!

Peppa: yay! ~yawns~

George: zzzzzzz

Daddy pig: good night, my little piggies. ~walks out~

Mummy pig: ~backflips out~

2 minutes later

~a flash of light and heropig appears~

Peppa and george: zzzzzzzzz

Heropig: (whispering) alright here we go. ~climbs to peppa's bed~ ~make a ball of purple fire~

Peppa: ~wakes up~ WOAH WTF? oh. THIS guy again. what do you want now? it better be good.

Heropig: hm. it seems your forgetting how threatening i actually am.

Peppa: ya think?

Heropig: which is why i'm turning you evil!

Peppa: WWWHAAAT!? you can't do that!

Heropig: i've realized that i can't take over the peppaverse by myself. so i'm gonna need someone to help me.

Peppa: why don't you ask suzy or something? with whatever's going on between you guys, she should be cool with it.

Heropig: just take it like a man.


Heropig: ~throws the purple fire ball at peppa's face~


~peppa's eyes fade into white~

Heropig: I DID IT! aw yeah! uh-uh! heropig! number one!

George: WILL YOU GUYS SHUT UP!? ~cries~

Peppa: ~walks in front of peppa~


Peppa: ~blasts george with laser eyes~

George: ~dies~

Heropeppa: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Heropig: come, my Heropeppa! we have a world to rule!

Heropeppa: HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ~walks to the window and dolphin jumps out~

to be continued maybe

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